HR Service

Screening new applicants, and selecting the right candidates for the open positions in the organization

As an HR Manager I have conducted many interviews with the applicants for various positions in the company, so I have great experience and practice in screening and selecting the right candidates.

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I help mainly small and middle-size companies find the right candidates to reduce the burden on the HR activity and the Management of the company which supports them in their business success.

I know how difficult it is to find the right employees who can be reliable and committed colleagues of the company both from professional and human side.

Do you as the Managing Director of the company also struggle with the followings?

  • The size of your company is not as big to have an HR department, but it is already necessary to fulfill HR activities, however there is nobody to entrust with this task
  • You do not have enough time to select and find the right colleagues
  • You spend a lot of time conducting job interviews with the candidates instead of focusing on the strategy of the company and supporting the success of the business
  • You are not even sure about what kind of person you are looking for a certain position or who is the ideal candidate for the position
  • You would like to discreetly select the best candidates out of many applicants
  • You are looking for an external service provider who you can trust with selecting your right colleagues-to-be.

In this case I can support your company as an external HR Consultant in the followings:

  • Professional management of the CVs you have received for a job advertisement
  • Selection of 3-5 candidates considered to be the best ones out of all the applicants by using efficient interview techniques and tests
  • The management of the company has to select the right colleagues only out of these 3-5 candidates
  • The selection process is totally discreet
  • Your company saves money and time with using this time-and cost effective HR service

Steps of the selection process:


  • Reviewing, analyzing and pre-screening of the CVs
  • Reducing the number of the candidates based on the CVs and references
  • Prescreening interview by phone or Skype with the suitable candidates
  • Conducting the personal or Skype interview
  • Applying the behavior and competence based interview techniques
  • Applying tests and questionnaires measuring personality and skills

Are you interested in the details?

Please, do not hesitate to contact me.