Business Coaching

„What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” /Zig Ziglar/



  • Efficient and effective result-oriented process for leadership and organizational development
  • Supporting middle and top-level managers by using goal and solution-focusing methods so that they will accomplish their leadership roles more successfully and in a more effective way, thus become better leaders
  • The result-oriented method of Coaching builds on the personal strengths and values which improves personal leadership effectiveness
  • Personalized development process focusing on the goal setting of the individual person, as well as recognizing the opportunities and the effective solution
  • Encouraging working relationships based on mutual trust and equal partnership between the coach and the client
  • The use of a “questioning technique” allows the client to identify solutions to help lead them to their goal.

Who is Business Coaching good for?

  • For small, middle size or big companies, who considers it is important to develop their employees’ leadership efficiency and working performance
  • Middle level and top-level Managers to become much better leaders.

How can I support my clients with Coaching? 

I am a Leadership Coach with experience in the field of HR (management) at a manufacturing company, and I am providing Coaching services for managers and executives.

Developing  and improving people’s skills is field of expertise, and coaching gives me the possibility to support my clients’ development with creative techniques, solution-oriented questions, and also by facilitating paradigm-shift.

I believe that in case of any leadership problems or difficult situations in life we can get to the solution more quickly, if we think through what we consider our values in life.  This is especially true if we know ourselves and we know what we would like to reach.  Thus we can recognize the best possible path to the most successful result which will lead us out of the problematic situation. It is coaching that makes this procedure faster and more effective.

Based on my experiences I definitely say that it is more probable that the clients accomplish their own ideas leading to the solution rather than the advice coming from external sources.

In the coaching process I lead my clients with solution-oriented questions to focus on their goal which they have set for themselves, and also to find the solution for their situation.  In this way I encourage and motivate my clients to acquire new knowledge, understanding and experience.

What do I provide my clients in the course of Business Coaching?

  • Empathy
  • Focused attention
  • Dedicated time
  • Atmosphere of trust and acceptance
  • Development of self-knowledge
  • Development of leadership skills by building on the personal strengths
  • Creativity
  • New approaches to overstep the frames of their mindset
  • Encouragement, confirmation and reinforcement to dare to step toward their goal
  • Motivation and support in the development

The methods I use make it easier for my clients to recognize the skills they can rely on and how they can turn obstacles into benefits with the help of their new points of view.

How do my clients benefit from the coaching process?

  • Their attention focuses on the solutions instead of the problems
  • Their self-confidence is increasing
  • Their performance is improving
  • Develop their self-knowledge, leadership competencies, emotional intelligence
  • Able to view themselves from new perspectives and recognize their resources not previously used
  • Develop the courage to set new goals
  • Making it easier for them to achieve their intended goals
  • Dare to change their fields of life that the do not benefit from any more
  • Improves the quality of their relationships


FOR COMPANIES:                  

In what cases is it worth for a company to develop its employees with the method of coaching?graph-163509__180

  • if an employee doing outstanding work gets promoted to a manager position at the company
  • if the manager in line for getting a promotion or new responsibilities within the same company
  • if the manager moves up one more level higher in the career ladder
  • if the company would like to increase its employees’ engagement
  • if a company goes through organizational changes or restructuring
  • in case of renewing of the culture of the company, if a manager has not acquired the new trends and aspects of the company yet
  • in case of changing the Managing Director of the company, coaching can help the whole management team accepting the new director’s personality and objectives
  • in all cases when the company intends to keep its managers who are struggling with problems in their leadership work, such as:
    • the manager is not followed by his/her team, although he/she has good ideas
    • the productivity is falling in the department of the manager
    • the manager has difficulties with keeping his/her good people
    • the atmosphere at workplace is getting worse, the manager’s team is not motivated
    • the signs of burnout or overload can be seen on the manager
    • a manager has conflicts with most of this/her colleagues
  • or, the company would simply like to develop its managers on individual level so that they do their work more successfully and efficiently, which will also contribute to the business success of the company



In what cases is it useful for the manager to participate in leadership coaching?  images (7)

  • if the manager has to take a difficult decision
  • if an employee expert in his/her professional field is promoted to be a manager
  • if the manager is up for changes and challenges, or is in the middle of the changing process
  • if the manager would like to solve his/her leadership dilemma or overcome the obstacles with the help of an independent outside support
  • if the manager does not have any time to deal with strategy besides his/her daily operative and firefighting tasks
  • when he/she would like to prepare for an important meeting or negotiation
  • when he/she would like to succeed better as a manager/Leader
  • if the manager would like to delegate in a better way
  • when the manager would like to do his/her job more effectively
  • if the manager does not know how to motivate better his/her colleagues
  • if the manager would like to specify the goals important for him/her, and to cut down the way leading to achieve these goals
  • when he/she would like to achieve work-life balance
  • if the manager would like to make the most of his/her skills




If You step out of your comfort zone, you are going to experience the improvement…

The SOLUTION to Your GOAL is in YOU, and with my support You are going to achieve Your GOAL.

„ Are you brave enough to change?”