2My name is Szilvia Molnár and I am a Business Coach and HR Consultant.

I have gained experience working with multinational manufacturing companies for nearly 15 years, and have worked as an HR Manager supporting an American Managing Director for several years.

I graduated at the University of Veszprém as an English teacher, then I got my degree in economics at the College of International Management and Business Studies, Budapest.

Later on I have continued my studies in the course of HR Academy training, in order to extend my knowledge with more practical expertise.  I got my certificate for Leadership Coach at the Hungarian Association for Coaching Psychology, and I have developed and improved my skills further at the trainer-training course in order to provide my services for leadership and organization development on high quality. In addition, I have been participating in self-awareness and skill-developing trainings, which helped me learn the methods of facilitating change management and creativity.

In the process of developing and understanding myself I have re-evaluated my life.  And after 14 years of working at my previous workplace, I have turned my life around and chose to started my own business. I made this decision which supports my personal values while establishing work-family balance to achieve my professional goals.

Based on my experience in management, organization and development I have acquired during the past years, my aim is to develop my clients who recognize that it is their responsibility to make their life better and who want to do something for their development.


Who can I support in development?

  • firms, companies
  • middle-level and top-level Managers, Executives

Which services can I support their improvement with?

My services:

  • Business coaching / Leadership coaching
  • HR Consultancy
    • Selecting the right candidate for certain positions


As a Managing Director of the company would you like to get committed, engaged and loyal employees?

 Would you like to develop your Managers with creative techniques?

Do you need to find the right people for the right position?

Would you like to get experience in how positive effects change will result in your business and /or in your life?